9/7/06 Haynes losing Herring Chemistry?

In a September 5th interview by Greg M. Schwartz, Gov't Mule guitarist Warren Haynes said, "I think the reason that Jimmy [Herring] and I meshed so well together is because there's the right amount of similarities in our playing, and the right amount of differences in our playing."

"There's enough similarity to where we kind of understand what each other is doing and are able to complement it, but even more important is the contrast between the two styles and the two sounds. And as with any chemistry, it's just something that either happens or doesn't happen. I mean, you can work on it and make it get better and better and better, but there's gotta be a starting place. With us, that definitely existed at the beginning."

Herring, of course, will be joining team Widespread Panic and kicking off the band's Fall Tour in New York City on September 14th. We're all hopeful that the chemistry between Haynes and Herring will be now picked up and shared with the members of WP!

Click here to read the entire Govt Mule interview.