Celebrate Jammuary

Concert.TV And Relix Magazine Celebrate Jammuary

Relix, the magazine for music, and Concert.TV, the only television network dedicated to live music performances and documentaries, kick off the new year by kicking out the jams. Re-christening January "Jammuary," these two powerhouses in live music come together for the ultimate music television experience. Concert.TV is airing all the jamtasitc greats as determined by the Relix editorial staff, including Phish, Widespread Panic, Jerry Garcia Band, The Allman Brothers Band and Gov't Mule.

"Jam bands are among the biggest live attractions--consistently outperforming other forms of music with every tour. This is with almost no radio or television support and we wanted to change that," said Michael Shimbo, founder and president of Concert.TV. "By dedicating an entire month to this music, we're able to celebrate an important musical format that attracts incredibly loyal fans. Partnering with Relix made a great deal of sense. When it comes to live music, they are the key publication and we're thrilled to be working with them."

"Concert.TV is the only network that could pull this off in the way that it deserves," said Steve Bernstein, president and publisher of Relix. "This is a natural extension of what we cover and we're delighted to be involved."

Launched in 2003, Concert TV airs concert footage and documentaries of rock artists both new and old.

“Television on demand offers our viewers the freedom of choice. It also offers Concert TV the ability to program based on their viewing habits and interests,” Concert TV co-founder and president Michael Shimbo said in a statement.

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