Widespread Panic's Choice Cuts 1991-1999 CD

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Choice Cuts: The Capricorn Years 1991-1999 CD

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Label: Zomba Label Group
Orig Year: 2007
Discs: 1
Street Date: Jul 03, 2007

Excerpt from JB's introduction in the liner notes - 'This smattering of self-proclaimed anthems and nursery rhymes by Widespread Panic is a fair taste of what was going on during “The Capricorn Years”.'

Track Listing /Song Title
1. Travelin' Light
2. Chilly Water
3. Love Tractor
4. Weight Of The World
5. Papa's Home
6. Ain't Life Grand
7. Blackout Blues
8. Rebirtha
9. Aunt Avis - (with Vic Chesnutt)
10. Blue Indian
11. Climb To Safety
12. Surprise Valley
13. Pickin' Up The Pieces - (live, with Branford Marsalis)
14. Pigeons - (live)

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