Widespread Panic In Oakland

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Widespread Panic Cover Talking Heads With Heads

Widespread Panic set up camp for three nights this past weekend at Oakland, California's Paramount Theater.

The Southern rockers from Georgia are something of a jamband archetype, stretching out songs in new ways each night while never repeating the same setlist twice.

During opening night, Panic covered the Talking Heads' 'Life During Wartime' with help from two unnamed musicians who sauntered onstage with little fanfare. The band waited until the end of the show to announce the guests as Wally Ingram and original Talking Heads keyboardist, Jerry Harrison.

Panic closed the run with a nod to their Bay Area surroundings by covering the Grateful Dead's 'Cream Puff War.' Unfortunately, they were not able to bring any of the four late Grateful Dead keyboardists onstage to help out with that one.

09/27/07 Paramount Theatre, Oakland, CA
1: Going Out West, Disco > Diner > No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature, I'm Not Alone > Who Do You Belong To?, Christmas Katie > Little Kin > Action Man
2: Traveling Light > Barstools and Dreamers > Machine > Radio Child > Casa Del Grillo > Holden Oversoul > Life During Wartime* > Jam* > Drums* > Jack > Chainsaw City
E: Ain't Life Grand
* with Wally Ingram on percussion and Jerry Harrison on Keys
[Jam after Life During Wartime without JB]

09/28/07 Paramount Theatre, Oakland, CA
1: Happy > Wondering > C. Brown, Can't Get High, Pickin' Up the Pieces > Better Off, Down > One Arm Steve > Worry
2: Ribs and Whiskey, Stop Go > Pleas > Bust It Big > Stop Go > Vampire Blues, Airplane > Protein Drink > Sewing Machine
E: Tickle The Truth > Love Tractor

09/29/07 Paramount Theatre, Oakland, CA
1: From the Cradle > Make Sense to Me > Walk On, Dying Man, Heroes, Heaven, Papa Johnny Road > Papa's Home > Drums > Papa's Home > Rock
2: The Take Out > Pigeons > All Time Low > Bowlegged Woman > Impossible > Proving Ground, Pilgrims > Blackout Blues > Porch Song
E: Lets Get the Show on the Road, Postcard > Cream Puff War

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