Free Somehow: A Mix of Classic Styles

With the release of their 10th studio album, Widespread Panic continues their 22 year tradition of creating music that stays true to its foundation while relentlessly evolving with each album, song and note played on the stage. While this is 17th release in the Widespread Panic catalogue, it still manages to offer fans a number of firsts.

Unlike previous albums where tracks were 'road-tested' on stage before being laid down in the studio, Free Somehow offers a majority of songs that have yet to make their live debut.

This is also the band's first recording with legendary guitarist Jimmy Herring. Widespread Panic recorded Free Some How with producer Terry Manning (Led Zeppelin, Lenny Kravitz, ZZ Top, Al Green) at his renowned Compass Point Studios.

Dave Schools hears a bit of Zep in what the band has laid down, commenting, 'Some of the songs really strike me as something you might have heard on Physical Graffiti. They're complex, beautiful, deep, and it rocks. And its got some melancholy and a lot of color.'

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Track Listings
1. Boom Boom Boom
2. Walk On The Flood
3. Angles On High
4. Three Candles
5. Tickle The Truth
6. Free Somehow
7. Flicker
8. Dark Day Program
9. Her Dance Needs No Body
10. Already Fried
11. Up All Night