Panic @Lakewood Pics

Widespread Panic played Lakewood in Atlanta for two amazing shows Oct 17th and 18th.
Ian Rawn. Concert Photographer, was on hand to shoot some great photos.

Check out his website for more photos from Atlanta. Terrific job as always Mr. Rawn!

10/17/08 Lakewood Amphitheater, Atlanta, GA
1: Worry, Hatfield > Ribs And Whiskey, Glory > Sleepy Monkey > Goin' Out West, Morning Dew > Rebirtha > Red Beans

2: Airplane > Vacation > Bear's Gone Fishin' > Pigeons, Old Neighborhood*, Chest Fever* > Arleen* > Bust It Big*, Weight Of The World

E: Walkin' (For Your Love)

* with The MegaBlasters

10/18/08 Lakewood Amphitheater, Atlanta, GA
1: Mr. Soul, One Arm Steve > Fishwater, The Last Straw > Ain't Life Grand, Up All Night* > Her Dance Needs No Body*, You Should Be Glad, Ophelia

2: Chilly Water > You Got Yours, Blight > Red Hot Mama > Jam > Angels on High*, Mama Told Me Not To Come*, Superstition* > Tall Boy*

E: Pickin' Up The Pieces**, North, Pilgrims > Wondering

* with The MegaBlasters
** with Randall Bramblett on saxophone
[Only 'Mama Told Me Not To Come']

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