Reviewer Rant

I've read through the few reviews of the latest shows featuring our beloved Panic and ABB. And, as I do on this site, I like to reproduce the articles I find making this a one-stop reading source. Unfortunately the reviews, so far, haven't been copy/paste worthy since they are either a single paragraph barely worth newsprint or skewed towards ABB.

My Peevishness comes from professionals writing for major market newspapers and magazine who just can't get it right. Since the recent concerts are featuring TWO headliners those writers should give 50% of their raves or rants to both. Yes? At least that's the way I think. I know if it's a rant then most won't even bother writing a review at all. Considering the Jam Rocking event of the year is these two powerhouse bands concert reviewers or their editors can't seem to acknowledge this fact. I haven't found one article from Chicago where the bands played 2 sold out shows!

I know that the Allman Brothers band are an amazing group of musicians providing us with chart topping music for over 40 years. I love ABB as much as the next Spreadhead and I would never deny Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks their due but my heart belongs to the Athens-based group for the fun-loving music and emotional experience they've provided for over 25 years.
Why did I mentioned Athens when all of us know where the boys first got together and began creating awesome music? Anyone could easily go to and see that for themselves. Right? All except for some of the "professional" writers out there who apparently just GUESS where Panic is from.

"Macon-based Southern rockers". At least the guys at The Sun Chronicle got the State right.
My only wish is that I could afford to travel and see more shows. I can only review what I see. But I'm certain what I've missed is amazing.

October is near!