Widespread Opens for The Who? UPDATE

When the
Long Beach Press-Telegram or more notably writer Tim Grobaty (tgrobaty@yahoo.com) announced that Widespread Panic would be the opening act for The Who on Feb 26 the WP online community became excited with the idea.

Their elation, however, was short lived when it was revealed that the Tragically Hip, a band from Canada, was schedueled as The Who's opening band.

According to the Tragically Hip website www.thehip.com:

95.5 KLOS Welcomes The Who with Special Guests The Tragically Hip
Monday February 26, 2007
Long Beach, Ca - Long Beach Arena

Tim Grobaty appologized in his 12/8 Press-Telegram column stating:

"Ever wonder how rumors get started? We start them, that's how. Because of some bizarre "brain problem" (we're not sure of the technical term, having only completed a few years of medical school), we announced Widespread Panic as the opening act for the Who's Feb. 26 concert at Long Beach Arena. The true openers are the Tragically Hip.

Our "official" reason for the screwup was our recent move from our second-story offices on Pine Avenue to our current aerie on the 14th floor of the Arco Center towers. We were, in other words, higher than we've ever been while writing a column. Sorry for causing all the excitement."