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Concert Review: Widespread Panic
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Widespread Panic, a band of five men that started up in 1986, recently rolled through the Uptown Theater of Kansas City, Missouri on March 27th and 28th. Their main goal, when making their music, was to move the listeners and allow them to free themselves. Yet it was hard to tell whether the music was moving their listeners, or whether it was the drugs that many of them were clearly on.

With marijuana, meth, and ecstacy present it was near impossible to keep track of who was doing the drugs and who was just high from being “hot boxed“. Aside from drugs, beer was also present. Those that were not completely high, were drunk. There were people flailing through the hallways being “free” and knocking people over in the process, some flipping off the walls, and a few even threw up on the floor, not even trying for a trash can or bathroom. Quite a few people had to be escorted out of the building by police for uncontrollable behavior and, all in all, the whole show was like a mini-Woodstock.

It was unbelievable, the amount of hair that was present at this event. Women clearly had not shaved anywhere and made it known, yet took the time to pluck their eyebrows before the show, which did not make much sense. Men looked as if they had been out in the wilderness for ages and had not had the opportunity to properly bathe. This probably is not the ideal concert for someone who is constantly worried about their own hygeine, for people were walking around barefoot and randomly grabbing people to dance with them, if you want to call it dancing.

In the end this concert was about a two out of five. There are select few people who would actually enjoy attending something like this. For those that would enjoy an event like this, investing money to see Widespread Panic would be a good idea, otherwise I advise you to keep rolling… the other way.

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