More New Songs Acomin'

New songs have been popping up in this spring's tour set lists. And according to a recent Dave Schools interview, the band has 18 new songs to they're playing around with before going into the studio later this year.

What we've heard so far:

03/23/07 The Woodlands, TX - 'Smoking Factory'
03/24/07 Grand Prairie, TX - 'Shoes On Tight'
03/27/07 Kansas City, MO 'Angels on High'
04/03/07 Richmond, VA - 'Flicker'
04/04/07 Baltimore, MD - ''Tell The Truth Into Submission' (aka Tickle the Truth'

Widespread Panic has said in the past that that's how they like to improve on new songs... by playing them live.

"We don't want to be predictable. So we want people to be on their toes. We'll throw out different songs that we haven't played in a while so we aren't predictable," states Sunny Ortiz. "When we play music, when we do songs, we're conversing with each other through the lyrics and the music and the people are kind of accepting that. They are listening with their ears and they are either saying "oh, that sounds good" or "that sucks."

Sunny went on to say "Sometimes you hear through word of mouth what people are saying about certain songs. How it flows, you know. We try to listen to our fans."

Working on new songs while perfoming live has always been the way the boys do things except when they released their album BALL in which they choose not to play the songs live before recording them as they normally do.

What do you think of the new songs played so far? Share a comment and let us know!