Halloween Brings Widespread Panic

Widespread Panic hit Asheville, NC
on October 31 for their highly-anticipated
Halloween show at the Civic Center.
Thousands of fans, ghouls and goblins
showed up for the sold-out performance.

The eerie stage glowed with firey skulls,
trident-laden devils and molten rocks
released from the bloody bowels of Hell.

The unsuspecting audience suddenly
yelled and screamed as they crossed-over
into the abode of the dead as Lucifer himself
took the stage.

Bone pale fingers played the
instruments of evil and celebrated
the night as the costumed souls
danced in merriment.

Mortals eager to please the Hell-troops
presented ritual offerings and sacrificial animals
like the rare Red Elmo.
Elmo took on the the Devil's lexicon
and sang of evil dreams and children of the night.

Set 1
Welcome To My Nightmare >Chilly Water, Ribs and Whiskey
All Time Low >Hatfield >Machine >Barstools and Dreamers, Tickle The Truth, Johnny Appleseed >Ain't Life Grand

Set 2
Enter Sandman >Fishwater >Bust It Big >Jack
Slip Kid >Drums >Driving Song >Time Is Free >Driving Song Pilgrims >Imitation Leather Shoes


Bright Side of Life > Children of the Grave