Untypical Widespread Excitement

In a recent forum discussion Terry Manning, the producer for Widespread Panic's unreleased new album, said that "Several of the songs are just "band live" with no added accoutrement, whereas a couple go all the way to full orchestra backed wild guitar leads."

He also wrote that
the album mixes have all been approved and that he intended on doing the final mastering very soon. As far as a title for the new album, it appears that is still undecided and no news as far as a release date for the record except that it's slated for Spring 2008.

The single from the album, Up All Night, which was released last month has been receiving a fair amount of radio play
predominately in the southern States. Manning said that the single was not intended as a single however " the band management decided that this one track had the most radio-friendly vibe to it. This track is reasonably short, reasonably up-tempo, reasonably "catchy," and has a recurring theme."

Widespread Panic is not known for their album sales or studio releases. They've achieved, for the most part, their devout fan base through constant touring. In the past Panic has worked on and performed new songs during their live shows before heading into the studio leaving little for fans to anticipate.

It seems as though keeping things secret has created a special kind of excitement that the Widespread Panic fans don't normally have with new studio releases and this departure from the typical has produced anticipation in fans now looking forward to the new release.

We can't wait!