8/20/06 Reminiscing NYC Radio City 2005

Nothing really new this week since the boys are probably at home relaxing and not thinking about anything except playing with their dogs and hugin' their wives. They have a couple of weeks to gear up for the begining of their Fall 2006 tour starting at the legendary Radio City Music Hall in New York City. If you had the opportunity to see their 2005 run at RCMH then you'll remember on the last night when JB said, "Isn't this a nice place"? It was a nice place and I had a good time....for the most part.

I had no problem with the shows, they were great! I love that city. I've traveled their many times in the past with friends for sightseeing, visiting all the tourist attractions and catching a few Broadway (and off-Broadway) shows. My brother is a stage actor and that has helped me appreciate the "stage" performance. New York can be a fun experience but like any big city it has it's shady characters and with 8 million people that can make for a lot of shady characters!

When we were short a ticket for last years Saturday night Panic show we met up with a local fella who truly epitomized the shady New Yorker type. He stood about 5'2 as of us girls towered over him like the Empire State Building. He had dark hair and eyes and spoke with that New Yorker accent. He flipped though his clothing pulling tickets out of every pocket and carefully checked each one for seat sections. "I wanna give you ladies the best I have and I'll give ya a great deal"!

I figured he was either a ticket broker or those tickets were fake. I looked over the ticket and compared it to the ones we had. It was good! He was legit. So he sold us the "best" ticket he had for $10 over face but only if we gave him a kiss. This only happens to girls! We gave him a quick kiss and it seemed to suffice. We took our ticket and went on our way. But that wouldn't be the last we saw of our new NY friend.

Since he knew where one of our seats were located he decided to pop in the Panic show and hang out with us. My seat was upstairs and my girlfriend had the ticket from Mr. NY which was on the main level Schools-side. When I came down stairs I ran into Mr. NY and he asked if I wanted a better seat. Can you beleive that asshole had seats in the third row center? So the "best" ticket he sold us wasn't his best afterall!

I decided to sit with him for a few songs in the third row staring directly at JB. I love to dance during the shows and whether I'm with someone I know, someone I don't or all alone, I'm dancing! So there I am flailing away enjoying the music when all the sudden this jerk, who had apparently never even heard of Widespread Panic, starts doing some disco dancing up against my ass and his hands were reaching in a No-NO direction.

It's an extreme moment when you're thinking... I like this seat but I don't like this guy! Up to that point I was having a great time and I didn't want anything to harsh my mellow. The row behind me was passing a pipe at their knees so I picked up on that thinking Mr. NY could use some chillin'. I pass him the pipe and he shakes his head, No. I keep dancing while trying to push his incessant hands away from me. I resolve that I won't let this ass bring me down and I'm ready to slap him upside his head.

Luckily, for both of us, setbreak came up and I headed back to find my girlfriend as Mr. NY followed along. We decided to try and ditch him as we went downstairs to hide amongst the crowds adjacent to the restrooms. It worked! But he still knew where we were sitting!! We went to the balcony and hung with some familar faces we had met in Chicago a week earlier. But I longed for my third row seat....sigh

After the show we walked the three blocks down to the Hilton. Some acquaintances had a suite there and were arranging a Limo to go out to see Jerry Joesph on the boat cruise after-party. Now, I know that New York is a huge city. There are 8 million people there. And I realize that we're only 3 blocks from RCMH but what are the odds that we run into Mr. NY at the Hilton??

Well, things got weird and things got hectic and I decided to go back upstairs to the suite to find my people. Someone is in the suite but I don't know who it is and they don't know where anyone else is. So I go back downstairs and I see the limo outside. I run in to get my friend who is rolling her eyes at Mr. NY's advances. He's wants to go with us and I have to explain to him why he can't go. Can you say aggravating??!!!

I run back upstairs and see a girl I recognize from the group. She thinks that everyone has left and she's upset. So she comes downstairs with us and we can't shake Mr. NY. I finally have to give up my cellphone number to him just to make him leave. He actually called me while I was standing there just to check if I gave him a phoney number.

Finally us girls, once again, walk outside. The hotel door guard thought we were insane and kept laughing, shaking his head at us each time we went in and out the door. Where's the limo? It was parked right there! It's not there!! Would they have really left without us?

The answer was YES. It's 1 am and the boat has probably left the dock. We decided to go get drunk in the bar. Later I passed out in Penn station...but that's another story.

There's always an adventure awaiting when you travel. You have to remember that traveling means leaving your comfort zone but that's a good thing and you'll have memorable stories to tell your friends.