8/6/06 Widespread Panic Videos on YouTube

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It's an extremely hot and sunny afternoon. Last time I checked the thermometer read 93° and I think the humitity is hovering around 210%. I doubt I'll be going down to the Jazz in the Park concert that my friends asked me to attend. Not unless, of course, the park hosts portashowers. I don't own one of those personal hand-held fans. I don't think it would help anyway.

Sitting around, bored with the air conditioning blarring I decided to go on-line to YOUTUBE.com and watch a few Panic videos. In the search box I typed in Widespread Panic and was amazed to find 124 results. But not all of them were of the band. Some simply had the name Widespread & Panic in the title or tag.

I started at the top of the list and hit enter to play. I wasn't impressed. Some of the videos are simply 20 second clips of a partial song. Some are blurry and the shakey others anyone can tell were recorded by a cellular phone.
If I want to hear WP perform a song live I'll download the torrent. But if I want to see them perform at a show I didn't attend then, at least, get close enough to where I can tell if Dave is wearing long pants or shorts!

Ok, maybe I shouldn't have had such high expectations. So I tried to overlook the audience heads and the occassional Whoo Hooo!

I really have to commend these *cellularographers for their efforts. It's because of their earnest attempts I'm not completely bored this filthy hot afternoon. Moreover, I really should expect to hear Whoo Hooo and Hell Yeah! After all, it is a live performance they're recording. NO! Scratch that! It's a live PANIC show their recording. So HELL YEAH is totally acceptable.

After some thought and a nice cold cherry popsicle, I started to look at the videos in a whole new light. I tried to find the beauty in each one. Ok, that's not completely true. Frankly, I didn't watch all the videos in their entirety. As I continued through the list it was mostly


There were some I liked just because of the background lightshow compliments of Dino or Candace. A few cams had managed to capture an awesome light display but sadly it was obsured by the customary flailing-arms-in-the-air in front of the camera. I did find a few that I liked for whatever reason and made my own list.

I finally succeeded in making it through all of the YouTube WP videos and there was still time to reconsider the Jazz concert. Not gonna happen!

*I googled this word and nothing came up. I think I may have invented a new word!
Can I get a Hell Yeah!?

My List:

6-15-06 David Letterman: From The Cradle03:59
Music Video: Wondering 03:47
7-8-06 The Greek: Sam Holt with Panic 00:39
7-8-06 The Greek: Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay 01:25
6-23-06 Red Rocks: Going Out West 03:40
8-5-05 Portsmouth: Sleepy Monkey 01:10
4-21-06 Walnut Creek: Low Rider 01:11
6-12-05 Bonnaroo: George & Sunny Interview 00:42
7-21-01 Oak Mountain: Jam 02:43
10-14-01 The Greek: Jam with Carlos Santana 08:39
12-31-01 Phillips: Sewing Machine w/ Vic Chestnut 06:16
5-9-06 Fox Theatre: From The Cradle 04:04
7-22-06 Winter Park: Wookie 00:17
04/6/95 Conan O'Brian: Can't Get High 04:18
6-24-00 Red Rocks: Happy Child featuring Mikey 01:47
6-15-06 David Letterman: Panic Fan Skit 00:58
6-00-06 Red Rocks: Featuring John Keane on guitar 00:35
7-15-06 Marymoor Park: Chuck of Coal 00:33
7-15-06 Marymoor Park: Heroes 02:03
7-15-06 Marymoor Park: Sam Holt on B of D 00:41