Dallas Paper: Time to Widespread the Love?

Everything is bigger in Texas and their jokes are humongous. Take for example the recent Dallas Observer's response on the Widespread Panic controversy.

It all started with an editorial where the writer said some not so nice things about the band. Widespread Panic fans retaliated with over 600 comments against the writer as well as making nasty phone calls, sending nasty emails and other harassing actions. A few days later the writer blogged about the incident which continued the assault.

On 3/29 another writer from The Observer wrote an article entitled Panic Attack where she talks of a truce between themselves, the band, and the fans.

A free Widespread Panic concert the article states.
Widespread Panic has agreed to join with Polyphonic Spree, a reunited Toadies, all the original members of Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians and Dallas hip-hop star Money Waters to work on a new single, a sort of ultra-supergroup, "We Are the World" kind of project, the proceeds of which will go toward various charities that work to prevent drug abuse.

In the middle of the parking lot of our offices, sometime at the end of May (time and exact date are yet to be determined). The event is called "Widespreading the Love" and it will be an all-ages affair, but there will be a beer garden and a smoking area on the second level of the building's parking garage.

It all sounds like a dream show. Almost too good to be true?
Does the Observer really want to make a mends? Is it all just a publicity stunt?

The last paragraph of the article mentions that Widespread Panic are in the recording studio working on a new song for this BIG truce project.

"They also haven't decided on a name for the tune, but rumor has it the working title is "April Fools, Sucka!"

I think it's good to note that, although they may have questionable taste in music, the people over at the Observer have a fun imagination and good sense of humor!