Widespread Panic Fans - Another Bad Rap

Throughout the years I've read many articles about Widespread Panic fans that were less than complimentary. I found myself defending them since I am a fan of WP's music. However the lifestyles of many fans may not be one that is deemed widespread acceptable by many standards.

Most fans simply like the music but it's the music that can create a specific atmosphere. Even the band members themselves have mentioned that their fans can be overly passionate and protective.

Many articles in nationally recognized newspapers talk of WP concert goers as ganjafied hippies who seem to follow the band for nothing more than the rush induced scene each show produces before and after the music has been shared.

Unfortunately many Panic fans have lived up to their bad reputation and as a Dallas Observer newspaper reporter notes " Don’t like gay people? Join the fans of Widespread Panic."

This statement came after said reporter received nearly 600 furious comments over an article he wrote last week where he gave Widespread Panic the thumbs down on their upcoming show in Houston.

Not only did Widespread Panic "fans" leave nasty messages but one got a hold of the reporters personal information and left it on the Panic fan boards for all to see. This led to a rash of phone calls to said reporters home. The reporter blogged about his experience stating "Sadly, I was not at home so my sweet mother-in-law had to withstand the endless barrage of “fuck you, asshole” calls left on my answering machine before she unplugged it so my children could get to sleep."

Even other websites have picked up on the story and are blogging about the vicious assault. I guess if WP fans want to stand out and be noticed for being hatemongers then so be it. It's unfortunate that I get lumped into the pack.

Now I suppose the offense will begin and all the WP fans that claim to be dignified, intelligent, articulate doctors and lawyers will say that all fans shouldn't be judged by the actions of others. Sadly that's not what will be remembered by reporters. But in the end I'm sure the band would be proud that their fans came to their defense.