Widespread Panic is Taylor Hicks #1 Friend

Taylor Hicks performs with Widespread Panic last June

A recent interview by Taylor Hicks on the Argus Leader website revealed that Taylor Hicks number one friend on his MySpace webpage is Widespread Panic.

(Interviewer): I saw that your No. 1 friend on MySpace is the jam band Widespread Panic. Are you a big jam band fan?

Taylor Hicks: I was in a Widespread Panic cover band when I was in college. A lot of my live music is based on jam band principles.

Back in June '06 the American Idol winner from Birmingham, Alabama joined Widespread Panic on stage at the Wiltern in Los Angeles to play harmonica on a bluesy 'Fishwater' proving he was a Panic fan. Of course, Hicks has also been seen on stage with Snoop Dog keeping the soul in Soul Patrol!

Perhaps Hicks will make another impromptu visit on stage with the boys this spring.