Widespread Panic @ Langerado Pics

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Langerado's 3 day festival drew large crowds, perfect weather and 47 bands favoring jam and reggae style music. Everything you'd expect to see at this type of festival was there including batik and tie-dye blouses, patchwork shorts and skirts, beads, flowers and dreadlocks.

By Sunday, the final evening of the festival, many happy happy attendees danced the arms-raised, twirly dance and jammed out to Widespread Panic who played for a 2-1/2 hour performance sans an encore.

WP brought back an "old-school feel" when they rocked out a version of Space Wrangler and Dave Schoools was smokin'!

Yeap, the festival was everything you'd expect ...including the $5 beers.

images by Marc Whitman