7/13/06 KMTT Studios Performance and Interview (updated 1/1)

Sorry...stream has been temporarily removed

The recording runs about 16 minutes

KMTT Mountain Music Lounge - Seattle, WA

JB, Sunny and George showed up in the KMTT studios to performance a couple of songs.

None of Us Are Free, Doreatha

During the approximately 15 minute performance/interview JB's cellphone rings.
He says, "Let's go to the phones!"
He answers the phone and says
"I'm really busy! We're doing that interview you set up for us on our day off. I'll talk to you later!"
"It's Buck. It's our agent."

Everyone gets a good laugh from the unexpected call.

The boys were there to promote the 07/14 and 07/15 shows at
Marymoor Park Amphitheater, Redmond, WA.