7/19/06 Snow King Amphitheater - Jackson Hole, WY

Panic performed at Snow King Amphitheater on Wednesday 7/19/06.

Many fans called the Snow King show "refreshing, old-school Panic".


SET 1.) Little Kin, Picking Up the Pieces, Greta, Red Hot Mama, Let's Get Down to Business, Papa's Home, Better Off, Rock, Give
SET 2.) Disco, Holden, Life During Wartime, Big Wooly Mammoth, Blight, Ribs and Whiskey, Hatfield* > Drums > Arlene* > No Sugar Tonight* > Space Wrangler*
ENCORE -Dorethea > Pigeons, City of Dreams

entire show with John Keane
* with Sam Holt on Guitar
[Soundcheck 'Solid Rock', 'Heaven']

Local News Review
Jackson Hole Daily News
By Martin Reed
July 21, 2006

One vendor’s alleged wares at Wednesday night’s Widespread Panic concert resulted in one of the 15 arrests police attributed to the show.

“There was a sort of vendor who was there who offered with the purchase something believed to be a controlled substance as a token gift,” Jackson Police Detective Sgt. Todd Smith said.

Undercover investigators learned people could buy clothing or food from the vendor and allegedly get a small amount of marijuana as a bonus, Smith said Thursday.

More than 3,000 people attended the Snow King Amphitheater concert to hear close to four hours of music by the popular Southern jam rockers. Some of the band’s high points came from a strong version of “Hatfield,” “Pigeons” during one of the encores and renditions of Talking Heads’ “Life During Wartime” and The Guess Who’s “No Sugar Tonight,” one of the band’s oldest covers.

Not all of the action during the show originated onstage. Some people watched a woman twirling balls of fire brush one against her, briefly igniting her leg and hand. A small patch of dry grass also ignited but people poured beer onto the fire just before police arrived and escorted the woman away.

Police arrested three people on drug charges, 10 for public intoxication and two after the show for driving under the influence, according to Teton County jail records. Police at last year’s show issued drug- and alcohol-related charges to at least 10 people.

While last year’s show at the same venue netted charges on a cornucopia of drugs, this week’s concert provided police with alleged transactions involving psilocybin mushrooms and marijuana.

The night’s other arrest for delivery of a controlled substance came from what Smith called a “reverse deal.”

“The other was a reverse deal we did when somebody came up to one of our plainclothes [officers] and wanted to buy drugs, so we obliged him,” Smith said.

One undercover officer fetched his colleague acting as a dealer who allegedly provided an ounce of psychedelic mushrooms and a quarter-ounce of marijuana to the customer, Smith said. The alleged buyer then sold some mushrooms to the first undercover officer.

Police arrested another person for possession of a controlled substance, according to records.

Members of the police department and Teton County Sheriff’s Office contributed to the 16 or so officers patrolling the concert. About half were undercover investigators.

Many of the public intoxication arrests resulted from complaints about people being loud, Smith said.