7/29/06 John Bell...The Legend

I logged on to Phantasytour.com (where dancing is the sport of choice) to see what was going on over there.
I found this thread entitled
John Bell...The Legend. I thought it was pretty funny and worthy of a save. I decided to copy the entire thread up to that point.

A lot of the posts in this thread were funny but when I came to one particular post I had to laugh out loud. It was posted by mofo313 and contains a link so when you get to that post follow the link.

Topic: John Bell...The Legend
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Posted: 07/26/06 12:46PM ET
Longevity...consistency...as bruce hampton would say, correct intention.
Good god man...he's been coming out on a nightly basis for 20 fucking years. Lunch pail in hand, and just plain
gets the job done.
He's so good that DAS refers to himself as "JB's bassist".
enough said hippies...go back to twirling in circles.

Posted: 07/26/06 12:48PM ET
He needs to wear a shirt that reads...On the front "PIMPING AIN'T EASY"...on the back "STILL AIN'T EASY"...

Posted: 07/26/06 12:48PM ET
he punches the clock w/the best of 'em

Posted: 07/26/06 12:51PM ET
jahpaul > no, he does not "punch the clock" like the rest of them.
Sure ...it's a job. But he puts more into it after 20 years than, say, a bob weir put into it.

Posted: 07/26/06 12:51PM ET
The Man is a Legend...what else is there to say?

Posted: 07/26/06 12:53PM ET
Best in the buisness

Posted: 07/26/06 12:54PM ET
hahaha sure thing
sorry you missed my point

Posted: 07/26/06 12:55PM ET
I got it JP...

Posted: 07/26/06 12:57PM ET
wait I thought Chris Robinson was the best

Posted: 07/26/06 2:32PM ET
John Bell... when I hear that name.. i get Chills...

Posted: 07/26/06 2:45PM ET
This is how his statue should look when they retire his jersey someday
John you are the freakin man

Posted: 07/26/06 6:32PM ET
How old is mr. grey chin these days anyways?

Posted: 07/26/06 6:44PM ET
he turned 44 on April 14th, according to msnbc.com

Posted: 07/26/06 6:46PM ET
Comparing Bob Weir to JB is easily the funniest thing Ill read all week.

Posted: 07/26/06 7:09PM ET
thankfully JB's never donned an "off-the shoulder" shirt or jean short with pockets hanging down...
::shutters at the thought::

Posted: 07/26/06 7:15PM ET
I just love that my boyfriend says it's ok to have a crush on JB because he does too.

Posted: 07/26/06 7:18PM ET
So both you and spreadhed would want to see JB in Bobby shorts with pockets hanging down?

Posted: 07/26/06 7:50PM ET
redhotmamanc I tell my wife the same thing except its "I would have his babys."nice.

Posted: 07/26/06 8:02PM ET
"I would have his babys."
haha. that's great.

Posted: 07/26/06 9:25PM ET
Does anyone know if he has any kids? I've heard he has a hipstar for a wife.

Posted: 07/27/06 9:10AM ET
I've met his wife. She's a very nice lady, I guess pretty much a woman you'd expect JB to be married to. She's a
gem of a person, but not much to look at (which when it comes to marriage, this can often be the case).

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