7/21/06 KBCO -Studio C Radio Appearance

KBCO 97.3 FM radio in Boulder, Colorado hosted a performance by the boys live in their studio. The KBCO-2 Studio C Channel performance could be heard via Studio C live streaming. As an added bonus listeners could also watch the performance and interview live with the Studio C live webcam.

After some warming up, John Keane, Dave, George, Sunny, JB, Todd and JoJo all packed into the small studio and began the approximately 40 minute show.

Second Skin, Time Zones, Expiration DAY, None of Us Are Free

The interviewer asked about Dave's comment on being "Baked" while down in the Bahamas while recording Earth 2 America. Dave had no recollection of saying that as he laughed.
He also asked JB about his experience using a Robert Johnson guitar during the recording in which JB replied "It was pretty tripped out."

The appearance was to promote their Earth 2 America record as well as the upcoming weekend shows at Winter Park.