7/18/06 Negative Creeps.org?

The folks over at Panicfreaks.org went up-in-arms Tuesday July 18 when Dave Schools made a comment in his latest Tour Blog 9: Seattle. The comment "don't sweat those negative creeps on that "other" forum..." was a reply Dave was making to "Ain't Life Grand" cheerleader" who had posted on the Widespread Panic MySpace website.

Mods from Panicfreaks.org changed the title of their website to read NegativeCreeps.org and many fans raged with posts attacking Dave's comment.

Apparently it all started with a group of girls who dressed up as Widespread Panic Cheerleaders during the Marymoor perfomance in Redmond, WA.
Someone, somewhere, somehow out there poked fun at the girls and one of the girls commented about it on the Panic Myspace website.

Posted by candise Jul 17, 2006 2:38 PM
Thanks for the great shows in Seattle. We had some serious fun.
Um...is it just me? Or are your so called fans over on PanicFreaks.org hardcore cruel and moranic judges all the time?

After Dave posted his blog the proverbial shit-hit-the-fan and chaos on a variety of Panic-fan sites ensued.

Ok, I'll admit that even I got caught up in the pandemonium as, just for fun of course, I created my own little image and posted it on freaks.

I had no idea that it would end up on Panic's MySpace site with the comment
"from all of us creeps at negativecreeps.org"

I appologize if anyone in the Panic organization found this insulting but please know that I only posted it on Panicfreaks and nowhere else. I do want to mention that the photo was originally a Micheal Sheenan photograph.

As of Friday July 21st the title NegativeCreeps.org was still up on Panicfreaks.org.